Drought Tolerant Landscape Ideas – Providing Interest in the Heat

With this drought upon us, we want to inform you of ways to install a drought tolerant landscape. With the proper planning and Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.05.41 AMdesign of these types of gardens, you will be on your way to a beautiful blooming area without the need for a consistent water source.

The most desirable part about a drought tolerant landscape is that you no longer rely heavily on your hose or irrigation system. In most cases when there is a drought, water is often banned anyway. This can be a huge frustration as you watch your plants wilt away and continue to dry out. Watering is the most important element when nurturing your garden. However, this is not as necessary when your garden is drought tolerant.

Many drought-tolerant plants provide interesting foliage and texture while others offer attractive blooms all the way into the fall. Echinacea coneflower is one perfect example. This daisy-like flower can be deadheaded multiple times to extend the blooming cycle while also staying nice and compact. English lavender is another beautiful and drought tolerant plant option. With intense purple blossoms and silver-green foliage also blooming from midsummer into fall.

Another way to provide interest in your garden in the hot summer months is with the addition of hardscape materials. Whether that is stepping stones, pavers, walkways, large sculptures, or boulders to fill in empty gaps. These pieces add dramatic effects to a garden bed that is lacking a water source. Along the lines of hardscape materials, water features also take up a good amount of space, while offering a very peaceful atmosphere. The proper design of a water feature can simply recycle the same amount of water for use over and over again. Water plants such as lilies and lotus are an easy addition of texture in a simple water feature design.

If you are struggling with this drought and trying to find ways to make your garden beds still look interesting, give MF Landscape & Design, LLC a call at (508) 404-4819. Whether that enhancement is for this year or future years, we can help make the right adjustments and additions to make your garden look abundant through the dry summer months.