An Effective Way To Bring Your Lawn Back – Top Dressing With Compost

If you are thinking about how to go about your lawn renovation this fall, consider top dressing. This is a simple process, involving the application of a biomix compost over the top surface of your lawn. At MF Landscape & Design, we have a specific machine img_0975which top-dresses lawns quickly and easily, spreading a fine even layer throughout.

The epitome of “good soil” means that it is living, with billions of microorganisms making up the composition. Organic matter inside of soil supplies plants and trees with essential nutrients for growth. Without these, plants struggle to survive. Many homes have poor quality soil underground. Whether this dates back to the building process and the type of fill that was used or the fact that there aren’t enough natural organisms making their way into the soil. That is why top dressing is a simple way to add organic material back into lawns such as these.

Core aeration is the process of plugging small holes into your lawn about 3 inches deep, removing soil and thatch from the ground. It is beneficial to your lawn because it reduces soil compaction and creates small passages, which water, nutrients and oxygen can easily move through. Top dressing combined with this process of core aerating can place organic material even deeper into the soil.

Now you know top dressing a lawn can completely change the soil structure, thus creating stronger and healthier grass. One of the main reasons for this is also because the cation exchange capacity of compost is ten times greater than most loamy soils. The cation exchange capacity in a simple definition is the measure of your soils ability to hold nutrients. These main nutrients are K, Ca and Mg, which are positively charged. Clay and organic matter are negatively charged, therefore attracting the other positive nutrient charges like magnets. That is why soils with higher cation exchange capacity hold onto nutrients a lot better.

If you are looking to enhance your lawn by top dressing and creating a better soil structure for green grass to grow, give MF Landscape & Design a call at (508) 404-4819 or visit our website here.