Fertilizer & Residual Spraying Programs

Walpole, Medfield, Dover, Westwood, and the Surrounding Massachusetts Communities


MF Landscape & Design employees are fully trained and licensed to use all the fertilizer and spraying applications we use for our services.  We use only the finest grade fertilizers and spreaders to ensure proper application rates are being met. Whether it be crabgrass and weed control, grub and insect control, or just basic fertilizer, we guarantee you will be more than pleased with your lawn’s appearance after just one year.  We offer various programs that range from four steps to as much as six steps, including lime and pH tests for each lawn we maintain.  We find it very important to take an analysis of every lawn so that we can ensure we are doing everything possible to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

We carry a wide variety of chemical and organic compounds to apply to your trees and bushes to wipe out foliage eating insects and mosquitoes.  Nobody likes mosquitoes biting their guests at dinner, so we provide a 48-hour advance notice spraying service to take care of your insect problem before your company arrives.

Since MF Landscape & Design continuously thrives to meet green standards of today’s world, we use the industry’s green chemical to diminish the mosquito population in your area instantly.

Spray Applications

Bushes and shrubs require more attention then just water and sun.  Many bushes will not bloom or grow to full potential if they lack essential nutrients.  A plant that is deficient of nutrients will become more susceptible to diseases and will not look aesthetically appealing.  With our spray program your plants and trees will be healthy as well as disease and insect free.  Don’t let insects eat your expensive plants and ruin your backyard, let MF Landscape & Design help you today.

Spray Control – A Targeted Approach

At MF Landscaping & Design, we take a targeted approach to spraying your plants, trees, and shrubs for pest and insects. We spray to injure a pest population rather than wipe it out. We spot spray for weeds rather than broadcast a weed control. We concentrate on using only the necessary amount of chemicals rather than treating what does not need treatment. This yields an intelligent balance between control and protection of the environment.

Lawn Fertilizer

  • We are your lawn experts using the latest and thoroughly proven organic products to address the problems plants and lawns have to deal with.

Flower Bed Weed Control

  • Tired of re-pulling weeds every week?  We can control 95% of the weeds in your flower beds and mulched areas.

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

  • Our tree and shrub fertilizers provide exact results whether it’s improved flowering, leaf color and thickness, stronger root systems or better growth.

Pest Control

  • Because of our vast experience with pests and with our proven techniques we stand behind an exclusive 60 day service guarantee!

Deer Repellent

  • Deer eating your plants and shrubs? Tired of trying to protect them?  We apply deer repellents with winter oils for long-lasting winter protection.

Insecticide/Fungicide Spraying

  • We can control the following insects from invading your home: Mosquitoes, Earwigs, Ants, Spiders, Red Clover Mites and many others.
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