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Lawn aeration involves a procedure that pulls plugs of dirt and grass to the lawns surface in order to make the area less compacted. If the lawn is too firm, nutrients and water cannot reach the roots. This will lead to dead grass because the roots become nutrient deficient and don’t receive the adequate amount of water. Aerating will prevent this problem and lead to a healthier lawn.

lawn aeration landscaping company walpole dover westwood medfield maWhy is this an effective way to get a beautiful lawn?

Just as a water garden aerator adds oxygen to your pond or water feature; lawn aeration helps to add oxygen to your soil. Lawns that have been compacted through heavy use or poor drainage will benefit greatly from regular lawn aeration, as will soil that has heavy clay content.

Compaction of the soil causes several problems:

  • It reduces the oxygen needed by grass roots in order to grow.
  • It makes it difficult for roots to absorb water and nutrients from the soil
  • It creates a physical barrier that stunts the healthy growth of grass roots.

Benefits of aerating your lawn include:

  • A welcomed increase in the microorganisms that help to decompose thatch build up.
  • Greatly increases the absorption of water, nutrients and oxygen by grass roots.
  • Improvement in the overall growth and development of the root system.
  • Prevention of run-off when applying lawn fertilizer or pesticides to your lawn.
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