Spring and Fall Clean-up

Spring Fall Clean Up

To protect the property over the growing and winter seasons, contact MF Landscape & Design to handle your Spring Fall Clean-up to prevent lawn damage. Our crews go out of their way to make sure that every leaf is blown off the lawn and hauled away to ensure a healthy lawn year round.

spring-cleanup-lawn-mowingEveryone loves the beauty of fall when the leaves change color. However when the leaves start dropping it can be messy and sometimes dangerous. When November arrives fall cleanups begin. Leaves left on the lawn can smother the lawn killing it. Its important that all leaves be removed by the first snow fall. Many times lawns have had to be reseeded due to neglected leaves in the fall. When MF Landscape & Design come out for Spring Fall Clean-up, you can be assured that all leaves will be removed and hauled away. This is usually the final step for the landscaping season. In the beginning of march you start to notice that sticks have littered your yard. Having a clean lawn is healthy and will be important in the long run. Early spring we come in and will remove all the yard debris so that your lawn is clean and will be ready for fertilization.

A typical Spring Fall Clean-up consists of four major steps:

1All mulch and flower beds are cleaned out with the use of blowers and rakes to rid all leaves, sticks, and debris.

2Leaves are removed from the lawn surface and loaded into the back of a truck to be hauled away with the use of a truck loader leaf vacuum.

3Next the lawn is raked over using a de-thatcher machine to rid of all dead grass and small leaves caught between grass blades.

4The plants around the property are then trimmed and clipped to prepare for the harsh New England winters ahead.

Cleanups can be done once late in the fall/spring season, or cleanups can be done twice if your property is surrounded my numerous deciduous trees that often cover your lawn throughout the spring and fall season.

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