Using Salt Brine to Proactively Manage Snow & Ice

This recent mid-March nor’easter had our crews out working hard, controlling lots of snow and ice with salt brine. Thankfully, management of ice went very smoothly due to our newest salting unit. This latest salting unit is equipped into a Ford International with two brine-spraying tanks. Brine is applied to the salt as it exits the spreader, which has many benefits. Hydraulically run sanders are known for their power and longevity. Using the hydraulics we are able to adjust the rate at which the salt exits the truck dependent upon how fast the truck is moving. This calibration allows for an even salt application on all of our properties. The anti-icing procedure begins to act on the pavement much quicker. As the brine activates the salt, the brine acts as an adhesive and helps the salt adhere to the road better than traditional salt, which prevents waste and runoff, and the brine allows the salt to work in lower temperatures, which allows us to keep our parking lots safe in the coldest of storms.

Rock salt has been the traditional approach to de-icing roadways and is still proven to be very effective, but we are discovering new ways that are even more effective. Applying rock salt before and after snowfall reduces ice and snow. This method, however, is only fully effective when temperatures are above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This method continues to be a “de-icing” strategy, but subsequently still involves the removal of snow and ice buildup once it is broken up.

With new approaches to ice management, we have found this salt brine method to be the best. Great results have been shown when applying this liquid salt mixture before anticipated storms. It has the same results as rock salt, but works faster on pavement and is more effective in even lower temperatures. This product is also cost effective because we are able to use about 75% less salt in the winter months. Rock salt is still effective when used before and after ice accumulation, it just requires more materials, especially if temperatures are low enough for ice to still form.

So here at MF Landscape & Design, LLC we haven taken this salt brine approach with one of our trucks and the results so far have been incredible. This newest salting unit contains state of the art technology so we can better service our contracts. This is a hydraulic sander built in full stainless steel construction. The combination of this unit with our weather technology has created a proactive company approach for winter snow and ice management.

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